Fireplace mantel is also commonly called chimneypiece. The term mantel basically refers to the decorative framework that is embellished around the fireplace. In the medieval times, the fireplace mantel or the chimneypiece use to be the most important feature of the rooms. They were artistically designed to add to the beauty and warmth of the room. With the changing times the practical significance of fireplaces reduced to a great extent but the fireplace mantels are still used to add to the decor of the place. Nowadays, you can find fireplace mantels of various styles and materials.

The intricate and elaborative designs of the marble fireplace mantels have made them extremely popular. Some of the designs are extended to the ceiling of the room to make it look more appealing and elegant. Artistically designed Marble fireplace mantels enhance the opulence of interiors of the place and add an ethnic touch to it. Many of these Marble fireplace mantels are designed using the architectural aesthetics of various periods and cultures, such as Neoclassical and Greek Revival.

Marble fireplace mantels look very elegant and classy and perfectly complement the much popular marble flooring used nowadays. The timeless beauty and unmatched appealing designs are the essence of Marble fireplace mantels. They can easily withstand time and also very easy to maintain. There is an extensive range of colors and patterns available in these magnificent chimney pieces. Adding a marble mantel create an amazing ambiance in the room and make it look amazingly magnificent.

There are many marble manufacturers that provide marble fireplace mantels at competitive prices. You can also get marble mantel customized according your specifications to fit in with ambiance and interior decoration of your place. The marble fireplace mantels are skillfully crafted with great precision and immense attention is given to the detailing to give it a perfect finish.

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Bridge saw is being widely used in the industrial world by fabricators. It has become an integral part of both small and large scale operations. Today, there is range of bridge saws available in the market and each one is offering amazing features. Every model is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to offer optimum quality fabrication. Bridge Saws easily cut large hard stones like marble and granite into thin slabs that are further shaped to be used in various application areas.

Bridge Saws play a very important role in the entire stone fabrication process. Bridge Saws are equipped with sharp blades that help to cut these stones quickly and smoothly. This amazing tool helps to shape stones like marble and granite and create beautiful marble mantels, marble medallions, and marble gazeboes for homes and other buildings, Bridge Saws are very easy to use and help in executing restoration and refinishing of marble and granite statues easy and simple.

Bridge Saws help to rip of hard and thick stones effortlessly with great speed, efficiency and precision. The power features of the bridge saws make it an ideal tool for marble service companies and other similar companies that deal in cutting and shaping of stones. This amazing tool helps to speed up the fabricators work and increase the productivity significantly. It not only increases the efficiency of the workers but also is a very safe in comparison to the manual saw.

Granite Bridge saw and Marble Bridge Saw is an excellent choice for small plants. The electric safety is higher in case of these Bridge Saws. These bridge saws are basically used for the cutting and processing of the marble and granite stone slab.

Marble Services Co. is one of the leading marble service companies that use bridge saws in most of their marble restoration and refinishing projects. The company has tie up with corporations, businesses and residents and is known for providing exceptional marble services and marble products, such as marble mantels, marble medallions and marble gazeboes. For more information, browse their website